I can't get Sherlock Pro to work. How do I get the program to work properly?

Installation Instructions for Sherlock Pro:

To track a computer, you need to install Sherlock Pro on the machine that you want to track. Once installed, you can either go back to the machine and login to get the tracking results, or you can have the results emailed to you. Check the Sherlock Pro settings menu to enter the email address you want the results emailed to.

To install Sherlock Pro, first download the Sherlock setup file. Then run it. First you'll see the welcome screen, click next. Then you'll see that the destination folder is Program Files/NotepadPro. This is so that your spouse won't notice that it is there on your computer.

Sherlock will not create an item in your start menu because that would make it too easy to find for anyone looking. If you wish to run Sherlock you simply need to go to Program Files/NotepadPro and then click on NotepadPro.exe.

If Sherlock is already running, then all you need to do is press Alt-A to bring up the Sherlock screen.

Further instructions can be found in Program Files/NotepadPro/Help on your machine once you have installed sherlock.

If you wish to uninstall Sherlock, simply run the Sherlock setup file again and it will give you an option to remove Sherlock from your PC.




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